Individual Boat Building Course 

John Privett the Anglican Archbishop of BC recently built a “Dreamcatcher” Boat:

Tom Radcliffe built a custom canoe:

“Of all the books and related information on SOF boatbuilding that I have purchased, your modest fee is the best money I have spent, and you can quote me on that.”


School Project


“I finished the canoe Friday and gave it to my friend yesterday. It tracks like a dream and looks great. My friend said it’s the nicest gift anyone has ever given to her.”
Ed September 2014


Boat Design

…we tested two of Brian’s Ultralight canoes; a 10 foot single canoe and a larger 14 foot double of similar design and construction. We paddled for several hours on False Creek in fairly calm conditions with waves from the wakes of passing powerboats enlivening our paddling experience.  As expected, these boats handle very well. They are exceptionally nimble, turn quickly, yet track well.
Larry Zakreski. Momentum Magazine


Sharing with you the launch of my skin boat I recently built in Vancouver with Brian owner of Dreamcatcher boats. I was assured I would love the boat. I really jumped without too much research and built the boat. I LOVE my boat. It is a dream to be in, tracks so well hardly needs any corrections, easy to turn, is beautiful to sit in both from comfort and esthetics, light easy to carry what more can I say. I no longer need to have on my bucket list the need to buy a kayak. Now the challenge is to mount it on my car and be off with my dog on many adventures on the Oxbow plus many of the beautiful lakes surrounding Prince George. Stayed tuned A new twist to my stories will be scenes from the water. Enjoy the Launch of Lady Grace Thanksgiving weekend in absolutely stunning fall light.




Group Boat Building Class

“I really enjoyed my morning session at the Naramata Centre. The boat building class was fascinating. The project developed in a very interesting way, gradually emerging from nothing into a beautiful and working project.”

“The boat building class was interesting, satisfying and lots of fun.”

“The class was excellent, as was the instructor. The session was very informative.”

Participants in the boat building class held in the Naramata Centre, Naramata, B.C.


“Your boat building class was fun and most informative. Thanks alot, Brian.”
Alan and Trevor

“The skin canoe building class was excellent as was the instructor. I loved the hands on approach.”

“The very well organized seminar covered in one day, every step in building a canoe. How wonderful it was to see an affordable boat come to life.”


Boat Building Video

“Hi Brian,

We finished the boat on Saturday. The varnish was still a bit soft but we went out for sea-trials yesterday with a Minn-kota Endura 30lb thrust motor and it ran beautifully. The boat tracks like an arrow even in powerboat wakes. 

It is a very stable, very quiet, and fast fishing boat.


Ron (and Kris)”


Kirt Evans of Louisiana made this beautiful boat, and the video…


“Hi, Brian

My name is Antonio Prado, and I live in Santos, south of Brazil.

I’ve bought your video “Build your own skin-on-frame UL canoe”; you give lots of information that are hard to get elsewhere and, above that, you SHOW how simple it is to build the boat.

Antonio Prado”


“PROGRESS! Ribs are in, Canoe is off the form!

A word on design… IT’S AWESOME!

Upon popping the boat from the form, every odd bend in the gunwales or stringers relaxed and the boat took an amazing form. The boat weighs in at around 10-12lbs currently. This boat looks AMAZING. I can’t believe how fast it has come together.


Caroline Smithers – Vancouver

“I am so happy with the boat my son and I built toget

her. It was such a great experience and we now have a beautiful unique rowboat with our own personal family logo on. I love it! Thanks Brian for your friendly help and encouragement.”



Hey Brian,



just finished one of your free lassies. we decided to

deck it. some other Ladner boys and a friend of mine want each want to build one, so I’ll probably order a couple

more skins in a bit. Means we’ll hopefully have done 5 boats in our downstairs suite before the in-laws move in later this spring or summer; ha!

thought you might like to see the pic.