Step by Step How to Build an Ultralight Canoe DVD / Online Video

This easy to follow step by step online video will take you carefully and clearly through every stage of building a beautiful ultralight skin-on-frame boat.
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skin boat building instructions


Boat Plans

Boat Plans for both the one person and two person open canoes and the rushton rowboat.

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Canoe/ Open Kayak Kits

Take the hassle out of gathering the materials with one of our open canoe kits which contain everything you need including an instructional step by step DVD.  Our Step by step DVD instructions put building your own boat within your reach!
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Dreamcatcher 050


Boat Building Courses

Build your own beautiful lightweight boat under the guidance of (and a little help from) an experienced boat builder, or join a weekend group workshop and learn how to do it yourself.  No experience necessary.
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Finished Ultralight Skin-On-Frame Boats

We have boats of various styles and sizes available, kayaks, canoes, rowboats, soft decked, hard decked and open, and they’re all ultralight and supertough.
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Ballistic Nylon Skin

ballistic nylon skin