Dreamcatcher Boats are ideal boats for kids to make because they can be built easily with a minimum of sawing and hammering.

wood for the boat frame

Wood, ready for building the boat frame

Once the wood for the frame has been milled, which you can have done at any lumber yard, the frame is lashed together. They are also light and easy to carry. Just this week Toby (12 years old) finished building his own boat (with a little help from Mom and Dad).
Father and son building a boat
And here’s Dad, enjoying thge lightness of the boat!
Lightweight Boat
This one weighed in at 26lbs, so Toby won’t have any trouble getting it down to the water by himself. The frame is covered with ballistic nylon (kevlar) which makes it almost impossible to pierce, so Toby should still be happily paddling this boat when he’s 112!Boats for kids to build