Ultralight, Supertough, Skin-on-frame Boats

Dreamcatcher Boats are

  • light
  • easy to handle and manoeuvre
  • safe
  • tough as nails

…and not least of all, beautiful to look at.

We believe that boating should be all about fun. If you have a heavy boat it can sometimes seem like more of a chore. You might find the thought of taking the boat down to the water a little off-putting. If you do then Dreamcatcher boats are the solution.

Just by looking at them you can see how light they are, but you’d never guess that you can hit them with a hammer or scratch them with a knife and not do any damage. Dreamcatcher boats are made from the same material used to make bullet proof vests – if it’ll stop grenade fragments then barnacles and dog claws dont present a big problem.
Because they’re so tough they’re great boats for taking the dog and the kids along, in fact the kids can even manage them themselves, and because they’re so light and easy to carry, you’ll be out enjoying the water every chance you get.

The tumblehome on the boat makes it very difficult to capsize – it is designed to stay upright and keep its occupants safe and dry!

These distinctive boats are lashed together making them much stronger than if they were nailed together.

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Sinew and Yellow Cedar from Shayne Kasai on Vimeo.

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