Dreamcatcher Boats are designed to be very light, so they’re easy to carry, easy to handle and manoeuvre in the water, safe, tough as nails and not least of all, beautiful to look at…

…And just by looking at them you can see how light they are, (they can weigh as little as 18lbs (8.2 kg) for the solo and 33lbs (15kg) for the double!) but you’d never guess that you can hit them with a hammer or scratch them with a knife and not do any damage. Dreamcatcher boats are made from the same material used to make bullet proof vests – if it’ll stop grenade fragments then barnacles and dog claws wont be a big problem.

You can get your own beautiful ultralight boat by building it from a kit, using the step by step video, attending one of our courses, or by buying one ready made.

Because they’re so tough they’re great boats for taking the dog and the kids along, and because they’re so light and easy to carry, you’ll be out enjoying the water every chance you get.

These eye-catching boats are beautifully lashed together by hand giving them a distinctive and captivating look.They are inspired by J.H. Rushton’s designs, from around 1885, which are hard to improve on, and over a hundred years of comments and reviews have only proven the point. The canoes resemble kayaks in the aspect that you sit on the floor, putting your centre of gravity lower in the boat, and you can use a double paddle, however you never feel boxed in, you have complete freedom to move around.

Brian Chandler has been building skin-on-frame boats for over 25 years and has encountered many problems and devised solutions along the way. He loves to teach people how to build them and offers workshops, kits, plans and an online video course. The course leads you step by step through the boat building process, breaking it down into manageable chunks so that even a beginner can follow it and successfully build a beautiful, seaworthy boat to be proud of, while the more seasoned woodworker will find plenty of tips and techniques to simplify and enrich the boat-building experience.. This puts building your own boat within your reach!